Who we are:

P3 is the Trinity of Holistic Coaching and Wellness, focusing on the Mind, Body and Soul. We believe that, like a 3-legged stool, there is imbalance when one aspect is missing. Within the content of the trinity, we guide clients toward transformation by creating lasting change, through a system of highly personalized accountability and support.

Our Mission 

At P3 Holistic Health, Our Mission is to help you step into your personal power of freedom to give you the ability to plan for the life you envision for yourself. Our goal is to place you in control of your future allowing you to confidently step into the next stage of your life; a life that is full of choices and a clear direction. ​ At P3 Holistic Health; we support you, our client, through your transformation by helping you create lasting habit-change, develop a plan and sticking to it, enabling you to step into your personal freedom, and be your authentic self.

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What we do as coaches? 

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What our customers write about us

We value our clients ! Additionally, we are always excited to share what they say about their results!
At P3Holistic Health Coaching, we believe that we should celebrate every win.
Join us in celebrating the experiences of our clients ! 

This was an experience! I've never had a life coach, but I honestly think everyone needs one. My overall experience made an impression that I still carry. Working with Coach Harriet was like holding a mirror up to myself. She listened and guided me with breathing techniques that I still use and assignments to move me along. I've grown from this and would continue to work with her. She is a true professional with heart who really cares. It was a truly great experience.” — 

Aliya B

DAHLIA O’NEIL IS A RISING MASTER COACH​​​ "She is very focused, smart, and a good listener, all which is essential in the making of a future master coach." — 

Wilhemina D.

"Wanted to improve strength. Yes it has improved! More upper body strength, overall more muscle and more energy ,Improvement of fitness, More confident ,Improvement of all over health "

Jen W

My expectations were certainly met and exceeded. ","Fear, worry and anxiety have been redirected and channeled differently. I've freed myself from all negative attributes and have learned how to handle them. My mind is more at ease, thus my body free from stress, worry and fear. I've learned to take things in stride. I'm most proud of the new strong person I have become. Strong in the sense of being FREE"

Willa G

My expectations were more than met, thanks to the great support from  Harriet! I breathe healthier, I eat mindfully, I am far more confident than I ever was before, I can handle stressful situations, I developed healthy behaviors in my relationship with A and with my mother, I learnt to listen without judgement, I forgive myself and others, I don’t need to be perfect, I work out and I love it, I start walking without my walker, I found {fell} back into doing artwork, I learnt to face hardships from the past..."

Gita S 

Dahlia is a fantastic, calming coach. She has a relatable style that really brings out the fun in our sessions, allowing me to get truly comfortable. Dahlia did an awesome job digging deeper into my goals to truly uncover what I'm trying to achieve in life. Thank you for giving me a light-bulb moment!

Megan W