“#AndSheRealized” is a collection of observations that I have used to motivate myself through the prickly patches and rocky roads in my life. This book comes at the heels of a bitter separation from a husband of 13 years in which I was placed in the precarious position of having to start over from nothing. Walking away from a home to save myself, I was left with nothing and had nothing. This book shows the thought process that I used to build a more confident self who could see the bright side of life and make the most of every situation. I hope you can identify with these thoughts, and I hope you can apply them to your life when difficulties arise and self-doubt sets in. Hopefully, this book will help you realize that you can be your own badass hero, too!​​​​​

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" #AndSheRealized helps you get in touch with the beautiful you that you are meant to be.
This book is so inspirational and enlightening. The writer is very courageous to show personal photos and tell her story.
She helps you to realize that you are not alone and that it really is ok to feel the way you do and then pull yourself up and be happy with the real you once you realize who you really are and what you have to offer yourself.
She shares with her readers in a very caring and understanding way. And she provides you the opportunity to have the necessary conversations with yourself regarding what you are going through and acknowledging your growth. Boom Hari [Coach Harriet] has created this book in such a way that it would be the perfect material to use at seminars and retreats. The book is a workshop within itself, and it provides such wonderful illustration of God's creative atmosphere. The photos are so relaxing and awe inspiring.
So whether you use these books at group settings (seminars, retreats, book clubs, etc.) or you sit back with a nice cup of tea and indulge in being good to yourself, I highly recommend #AndSheRealized.
After reading #And She Realized, I bought 14 more for my loved ones. THIS WOULD BE A GREAT CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAY GIFT." 
                                     ~Madelyn Cousin 

BOOM! The revolution has begun!

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Video Testimonials

What happens when Coach Harriet does a spontaneous guerrilla market in  Walmart. Click the videos below to watch candid reviews of the #AndSheRealized from clients and strangers.

#AndSheRealized Introduction by Coach Harriet

Barbara Ruth Mann of the Charlotte Art League reviews #AndSheRealiz

Danielle Bush reviews #AndSheRealized

Random Customer at Walmart

Random Customer at Walmart

Random Customer at Walmart

Random Customer at Walmart

Random Customer at Walmart

Stephanie Barbour-client

#AndSheRealized Her Self Worth by Coach Harriet