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P3 is the Trinity of Holistic Coaching and Wellness, focusing on the Mind, Body and Spirit. 

We are Transitioning to
P3 Holistic Wellness

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We are going Non-Profit

We’re transitioning to a nonprofit model to extend our valuable services to those in need. Our goal is to provide exceptional services to marginalized women who would benefit greatly from our offerings by becoming a nonprofit organization.

Purpose, Mission and Vision:

Purpose: ​​ The purpose of our organization is to empower and educate women facing challenges in prioritizing their well-being, offering them essential support and resources to thrive mentally, physically, and spiritually, while elevating their Gross Personal Happiness (GPH): with primary focus on marginalized women through the promotion of health, fitness, and spiritual well-being.

Mission: Our mission shall be to ensure that each individual receiving our services will come to know and understand their Gross Personal Happiness (GPH) through wellness, fitness programs, personal coaching and through charitable events such as clothing drives and personal self-care initiatives.

Vision: With emphasis on women of color, we aim to create a community where every marginalized individual can thrive in all aspects of their wellbeing, empowering them to live fulfilled and enriched lives.

Meet Your Coaches

Certified Coach Harriet

I am your Integrated Wellness Coach, committed to guiding you towards discovering your inner strength and embracing a life of freedom and purpose that you design.

Meet Coach Dahila

As a Certified Relationship Coach, my goal is to help you create a powerful shift in your mind body and soul, preparing you to step into the confidence and power within nurturing  relationships that stand the test of time.

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“Every human life contains a potential, if that potential is not fulfilled, then that life was wasted.” — Carl Jung


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Certified Health and Life Coaches focusing on empowering women to live healthier lives, build strong relationships and find freedom in their daily lives. 

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