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Welcome to P3 Holistic Health Coaching

P3 is the Trinity of Holistic Coaching and Wellness, focusing on the Mind, Body and Soul. 

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Meet Your Coaches

Meet Coach Harriet

As your Certified Wellness Empowerment Coach, I aim to help you step into your personal power to find your path to living an empowered life of freedom; a life of your design.

Meet Coach Harriet

Meet Coach Dahila

As a Certified Relationship Coach, my goal is to help you create a powerful shift in your mind body and soul, preparing you to step into the confidence and power within nurturing  relationships that stand the test of time.

Meet  Coach Dahlia

Our goal and commitment is to help you ..

*Identify your goal(s) and provide clarity on how to achieve it in a measurable, and attainable way.

*Provide you with the support, encouragement, and motivation to jumpstart your journey.

*Use our training and expertise to lead you to a solution and strategy that will help you achieve your goal.

*Keeping  you accountable and holding the vision you have for yourself, until you are ready to step into that version of you.

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We are here to help you GET FIT! Mentally, Physically, Spiritually.

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Improve Your Mental Fitness and Lose Weight
with our 6-WK  Total Body Program

What is mental fitness:

A person's mental fitness indicates their ability to think clearly and to make decisions efficiently and efficiently. A parallel can be drawn with physical fitness, which relates to the body's ability to function.

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What you get:

Focus on Habit Formation - Most trainings result in short-lived improvements. For sustained results, we focus on building neural pathways that form lasting new habits. That’s why we call this “mental fitness”.

Treat Root Cause, not Symptoms - Our factor analysis research has revealed the foundational root-level enablers and disablers of optimal performance and wellbeing. We rewire the brain at the root cause level.

Develop all 3 Core Muscles - Mental fitness requires 3 core muscles. Saboteur Interceptor, Self-Command, and Sage. Meditation only focuses on Self-Command, which is why it is not sustained by most.

Research-Based, Measurable Results - Our research has included more than a million participants from around the globe. Our tools have been field-tested with thousands of tough-minded participants, ensuring their efficacy.

Click below to learn more and find out about your free assessment to find out if our mental fitness program is right for you.

Unleash the Power Within-Goal Setting For Success

This free 60-minute strategy session helps you push past obstacles hindering your personal growth and break through chains that keep you stuck, allowing you the opportunity to regain a clear vision of your future, creating the freedom to achieve your goals.

Do you:
Have the clarity and focus to gain anything you desire?
Feel the freedom to be your authentic self?
the mental clarity to find healthy ways of coping and getting unstuck?
have the mental map to create a clear vision and direction for your life?

Let us help you unleash your power and step into your freedom today! You have nothing to lose but your chains ...​

“Every human life contains a potential, if that potential is not fulfilled, then that life was wasted.” — Carl Jung

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