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Wellness Empowerment Coach

I work with women who are tired of feeling a sense of lack of control in their life and are ready to create a powerful shift in their bodies and relationships. -- I help them create positive changes--mind, body & soul-- and step confidently into their purpose!

I strive to provide accessible resources that help to rebuild a loving connection, and promote self-discovery.

Our Signature Program, UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN!, contains tools that will help you become gain control of your life, empower you to live a healthier life, build strong relationships and find freedom in your daily life.   Connect with me today for a free “Stepping Into Your Freedom” Strategy Session.

The experiences I have had and
the path I have followed have
brought me to this present

I have struggled with what was expected of me by my family, and society. That feeling kept me imprisoned in a marriage that was no longer healthy for me. I was afraid to face life without a spouse, and felt having someone was better than no one at all. The defining moment that brought clarity to my situation and allowed me to rethink my relationship with my ex-husband occurred, in the midst of a heated argument between us. In the presence of my family, he told my Dad that I was a ‘disobedient wife’ that statement was the final straw in a line of other factors. 

Imagine how awful this particular scene made me feel inside. In that instant I recognized the subtle forms of emotional and verbal abuse that had been going on in our marriage and his many failed attempts of control disguised as his protection for his children and I. That was a reminder to stay true to who I was as a woman, and it empowered me to keep my self-worth in mind while moving ahead. I asked myself, “who was I being in this marriage”? When did I give up my power and individuality, and why? Everything that I had done for this man out of love, out of programming felt wasted during that particular altercation.  I was burdened and needed to get clear on my next steps.

I had to get clarity.

I reached support and sought out answers that would help empower and free me from the controls of an unhappy existence. I found that support and answers via counselling, deep conversations with my support system, honest self exploration through journaling, and my connection to that which is greater. The sense of hope that I gained allowed me to start my journey out of the fog and despair and into the light to my new-found freedom. I reclaimed my identity and began to embrace and love Dahlia, the person that I always knew I could be! The confident and empowered coach that I am today.

The name “Dahlia”, was given to me by my mother because she knew that I represented a beautiful flower, meant to bloom from fertile ground. A flower that needs attention and nurturing to survive.

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I am now living the Life I was meant to Live!

The life experiences I've had and the educational path I have followed have brought me here. The past 27 years have been spent in service to families, and grooming young minds. During that time I have had many opportunities to own my skills as a mentor and guide in my work with parents and the broader community.

As I shifted my focus and confidently stepped into my purpose I've gained the certification to deliver the highest quality service possible.

Certified  Life & Health Coach - Health Coach Institute,
TCM Transformational/Mastery Level  Coach - Health Coach Institute
Nutrition and Wellness Coach - Nutritious Life Certified
Recognized by the Canadian Health Coach Alliance.

My purpose had always been that of service. Initially, I hold a degree focused on developing young minds, from The University of Guelph-Humber with a BASc Honors in Early Childhood Education.
My path then crossed into coaching.  I've found my real purpose in coaching others to become empowered and set themselves free to Unleash the Power Within!

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I HOPE TO WORK WITH DAHLIA AGAIN "Dahlia's calm demeanor invites you to relax and explore where you are, where you want to go, and how to proceed. She is a warm and lovely coach who gives you space to consider your options for yourself - providing encouragement along the way." — BRENDA S.

I grew from the negative experience..

I've told myself unloving things that I knew were lies.
In those moments, it’s very natural and real to embody them. I've moved away from feeling depressed, significant loss, and simply beat-up. It's taken so many trials and errors on the path to figuring out who I am and what I genuinely want to do.

I wish I had a coach back then and seen the value this support style brings much sooner.
I realized that nobody could make you feel inferior without your consent. At some point, you gave people permission to treat you a certain way, and then you chose to feel less because of it.

Finally, I took my power back by taking charge of my life.

I’m here.  Certified, ready to coach, ready to help you do the same.

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One-on-One  Empowerment Coaching

This relationship program is designed to help individuals seeking to rebuild a loving connection, and promote self-discovery, create a powerful shift in their bodies and relationships. -- this program helps to create positive changes--mind, body & soul-- 
As a coach I will work with you to understand the barriers that keeps you in the cycle of broken relationship or aloneness. We will create a new healthy blueprint where you become confident in your ability to be in a relationship and still be the "strong woman' that you are.

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E. POP (Embrace the Power of the Pause)

The purpose of our E. POP program is to educate, support and aid women experiencing the beginning, middle and final stages of menopause. Our mission is to help them optimize their overall wellness by minimizing their symptoms, helping maintain and/or lose weight, adjusting their lifestyle to eliminate the signs of stress and anxiety, improve their mobility and strength to ward off the onset of bone loss and increase quality of life.

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Group Coaching

The GROUP Coaching Program is to offer individuals focused-directed coaching in a group format.  Accountability and support is offered in an intimate group setting allowing for deep dive coaching and discovering shared experiences. 
Together, as a community, we aim to support each other in meeting relationship as well as  health and wellness goals. It is our hope that through this community, we can transform lives and help you step in the direction of freedom for the future you envision for yourselves.  

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V.I.P Sessions

Welcome to the V.I.P. experience. This day will focus on you. You will get to chose one area that you need work on and we will work together to create a schedule for the day. You can chose from any of the BIG 5 AREAS.

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Certified Health and Life Coaches focusing on empowering women to live healthier lives, build strong relationships and find freedom in their daily lives. 

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